The United States Supreme Court ruled today that the Trump Administration could not immediately end the DACA program. Seven hundred thousand Dreamers are now safe from deportation and can continue to receive employment authorization and apply for travel permission. The DACA program, created by former president Barak Obama by executive action, allows young people who were brought to the U.S. as children to stay legally in the U.S. The ruling said the government failed to give an adequate justification for ending the federal program. The attempt to end the program was not only devastating to current DACA holders but also to countless newly eligible young people and many businesses that rely on DACA employees. Although it is too soon to have a procedure in place for new DACA applicants we believe these regulations will be forthcoming and will keep you informed as soon as we know. Thousands of DACA recipients are serving on the front lines in the coronavirus pandemic as doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health care workers; losing their services would be devastating in the current pandemic. This ruling does not stop the President from trying to end the program again by following proper procedures but is unlikely in this election year. If Trump is defeated for re-election, the threat will be over. Finally, some good news for immigrants. Let’s savor it.

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