Ivone G

Thanks for making one of my dreams a reality. For that I will always be grateful. The staff at your law firm is kind, caring, efficient and knowledgeable, great combination for success. Blessings and happiness for all!!!

Mr. Mitchell Zwaik and his team are true professionals. From the beginning itself, Mr. Zwaik gave us proper guidance for our PR approval. The team was constantly following up on our case and helped us through. I recommend the firm to anyone new in the U.S.

Asma Nadir

W aLe

I don’t give reviews but Mr. Mitchell Zwaik and his intelligence solved the pending immigration case of my dad for over 14 years. Him and his team deserve more appreciation!!! A must recommended immigration attorney. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could have hired you a decade ago.

Very good council. Straight forward and honest. Up front on every detail.

George Giannaris

Howard Rowland

Great job! Expert through the entire process. Immigration Law at its finest!

Our immigration case took a lot more time than it should have, due to immigration tie-ups. Michael was extraordinarily hands on and proactive to help assist and achieve. We are thankful for the final outcome.



We hired Michael as our attorney to process our case in getting my husband legal in the US. We have been working with him for some time and it has been a pleasant experience. His knowledge and enthusiasm about the case was exceptional. Everything was clear and transparent.
We have since completed our case successfully and my husband now has his 10-year green card. It was a long process with a lot of paperwork and time-consuming material, that was always taken care of in a timely manner. He was always well prepared for the task at hand. The process was smooth as can be. We are very pleased to have crossed paths with Michael and his firm. He is highly recommended. We are glad we chose him to represent us.

From the jaws of deportation to US Citizenship, all thanks due to Michael Gilbert of Zwaik, Gilbert and Associates. My journey has been long and difficult with many bleak moments in between. I already had two arrests on my record, making the task of obtaining a green card impossible. I was placed in removable proceedings to be deported back to Pakistan. Mr. Gilbert worked hard to create a strong case on my behalf to present in front of the judge who was presiding over the removal proceedings. He argued on my behalf like a true champion, someone who deeply cared for his client and he made sure I was not going to be deported on his watch. The judge agreed with Mr. Gilbert and granted me the green card.