We are going to talk today about obtaining a visa to come to the United States with investments as small as One Hundred Thousand Dollars. For many working-class individuals born outside the US the dream of coming to the USA may be easier than you think. Investor visas are available with relatively small investments. These smaller investments do not result in immediate green cards, but they do allow the investor to come and work in the US and bring their spouse and children under 21. The spouse will be eligible for a work card and the children will be eligible for public education.

There are certain requirements that must be met. The investor must be from one of the countries that has an investment treaty with the US. The investment must be in an active, viable business that should provide more than a minimal income for the investor and his or her family. The investor must have operational control of the business which usually means a majority interest. And the investment must have actually been committed to the business. Money sitting in a bank account or money invested in the stock market or a home for the investor will not qualify. Most of ZGA’s clients are small investors, investing between one hundred to three hundred thousand dollars in businesses that include convenience stores, gas stations, retail, wholesale or internet sales, restaurants, laundromats, and various franchise operations.

The investment can be funds wired into a bank account in the USA and used to purchase or start-up a growing business or it can be inventory shipped from a factory abroad. The investment can come from your personal earnings or it can be a gift from one or more family members.

The time to apply for these business visas has never been better. As the USA emerges from the pandemic the demand for new businesses will be stronger than ever. Every major economist has predicted the next year will provide the strongest economic growth in the US in 50 years.

You can be part of this. Contact us at. Zwaik Gilbert & Associates and we can help you turn your American Dream into reality. At ZGA we are committed to counseling immigrants and growing American.