Today’s special challenges require an immigration firm that does not back down. When our clients receive improper denials in the immigration courts or from the immigration bureaucracy we fight back.

Counseling Immigrants. Growing America. That is not just a tagline. It is a commitment to the belief that the United States grows stronger through immigration. That commitment lives on despite the restrictive immigration policies of the Trump Administration. While other immigration lawyers give in to despair and defeat, we fight back. Sometimes that requires greater perseverance when responding to multiple Service requests unnecessary documentation in Requests For Evidence (RFE). Sometimes that requires more aggressive action when responding to denials. When we feel our clients are being unfairly denied by politically motivated bureaucrats, we do not hesitate to appeal these denials within the Immigration system and in the federal courts as well. This includes appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) from denials by immigration judges and appeals to the federal Courts of Appeal from denials by the BIA. When the Service denies applications of business visas we have had those denials reverse in the federal courts.