TPS Recipients Should file for Extension and Advance Parole

Salvadorian recipients of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are urged to file immediately for extension of TPS and Advance Parole. Current TPS holders from El Salvador have until March 19, 2018 to file for the extension, which includes forms I-821 (registration) and I-765 (work authorization) along with a filing fee of $495.00. Properly filed applications will extend legal status until March 9, 2019.

We also strongly suggest that TPS holders apply for Advance Parole if possible. If approved, it will allow holders to leave the US and return legally after a brief visit. This can also be helpful in the future in terms of obtaining permanent residence through US citizen children who later turn 21! It may also be helpful with other types of applications particularly if you entered the US and obtained TPS or DACA status before turning 18.

Applications for asylum and other related relief should also be considered.