Mitchell C. Zwaik



Mr. Zwaik founded the law firm in September of 1980, opening his first office in Melville, New York at a time when he was the only attorney regularly practicing immigration law in Suffolk County. He is the second generation of immigration lawyers in the Zwaik family (Vanessa being the third). Stanley Zwaik, Mitchell’s uncle, began practicing immigration law shortly after World War II and mentored Mitchell during his early years of practice.

The firm, which Mitchell Zwaik began with himself and a part-time secretary now has 8 attorneys, four offices, a support staff of over 20 trained professionals who speak eight languages, including Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Russian. Although Mr. Zwaik currently devotes most of his time to Business Immigration, he has built a formidable reputation for success in many other areas of immigration law, including asylum, Cancellation and waiver cases before the immigration courts, appeals to the federal courts, the Board of Immigration Appeal’s, and the Administrative Appeals Office and family law issues. Mitchell was admitted to the New York bar in April of 1980 and is currently admitted to the United States Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit Courts of New York and Pennsylvania.

The firm slogan: “Counseling Immigrants. Growing America” is not just a catchy phrase. They are the foundation on which this firm is built- the belief that America continues to grow stronger every day due to the contributions of immigrants from all over the world.

Mitchell practices out of the Ronkonkoma office.