For almost 100 years, our family has served the world’s immigrant communities. We are the children and grandchildren of immigrants. And now we prepare to pass that experience, diversity and commitment to another generation.

On the wall in our Ronkonkoma office is the framed naturalization certificate of Joseph Zwaik. He emigrated to the United States at 16 and became an American citizen at 22 year of age. His son, Stanley, became the first immigration lawyer in the family soon after the end of World War II. Then most immigration came from Western and Central Europe. Joseph’s grandson, Mitchell, moved the firm to Long Island in 1980 and later founded Zwaik, Gilbert and Associates. By then, the practice had become more diverse, with immigrants from South Asia, and the Americas grew. Michael Gilbert joined the firm in 2000 and has helped us grow to become the preeminent Long Island based Immigration firm. From the expansive immigration policies of the Reagan Administration to the restrictive policies of the Trump administration, we have represented families and individuals seeking personal, political and religious freedom, and businesses of every size and type seeking the world’s most talented and industrious employees. Today we are among the leaders in representing foreign investors seeking to establish and grow businesses in the U.S. We also specialize in federal litigation to seek justice for applications that have been denied by immigration courts and the immigration bureaucracy.