Established in 1980, with Over 30 Years of PROVEN Success in All Phases of U.S. Immigration law.


During our 30+ years of practice, Zwaik, Gilbert & Associates has achieved an unusually hihg degree of success over a broad spectrum of immigration issues. The approval notices you will see below cover many areas of immigration practice, from National Interest Waivers and Approvals for Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability to asylum claims and Federal Court appeals; from Provisional Waivers for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens to Labor Certifications for computer programmers.

As you browse through our recent history, please understand that we have covered the names of our clients to protect their privacywhile providing you with proof of our long history of success. We have provided a brief explanation in each section. If you require additional information or explanation please feel free to contact us.

Appeals and Mandamus Actions in Federal Court

An immigrant who loses his battle in immigration court will be served with a Removal Order. That order may be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals and in certain situations to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Our success in the Circuit Court ultimately resulted in the granting of asylum to a client after a six year battle.

Appeals and Mandamus Actions 1

Although lon processing times are the norm for many cases at the USCIS and the US Consulates abroad, these processing times are not unlimited. When a case is delayed far beyond the normal processing times, often the only way to obtain results is to go into court on a Writ of Mandamus. These actions will usually result in a federal judge ordering the federal agency to promptly decide the case. These are examples of cases seeking action against USCIS for failure to decide adjustment and naturalization petitions and against the FBI and State Department for failure to complete security clearances.

Appeals and Mandamus Actions 2
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 3
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 4
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 5
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 6
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 7
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 8
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 9
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 10
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 11
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 12
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 13
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 14
Appeals and Mandamus Actions 15

Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)

We never take no for an answer. What follows are copies of approvals for appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Approval 1
Approval 2
Approval 3
Approval 4
Approval 5
Approval 6

And to the Administrative Appeals Office


Waivers of Inadmissibility (601) and Provisional Waivers (601A)

Immigrants being sponsored for permanent residency in the US may have their applications denied if they have committed immigration violations in the past. These violations will often require a waiver (or pardon) from USCIS. Here we have included approvals for two types of waiver, the traditional waiver (601) for individuals who committed one of several types of violations including overstaying in the US, immigration fraud and criminal convictions. These waivers often require that the applicant first appear at the US consulate abroad before the waiver can be filed. If the waiver is denied, the applicant has no legal way of returning to the US.

Waivers 1
Waivers 2
Waivers 3
Waivers 4
Waivers 5
Waivers 6
Waivers 7

Provisional Waivers have been created by the Obama Administration in order to provide some relief to spouses of US citizens whose only violation consists of unlawful presence in the US of more than 1 year. Unlike tradional waivers that must be filed when the applicant has returned home, these waivers can be filed while the applicant is still in the US.

Waivers 8
Waivers 9
Waivers 11
Waivers 12

Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1) and National Interest Waivers (EB-2)

Immigrants of Extaordinary Ability and Multinational Executives can avoid the need for a Labor Certification and move quickly to a green card. An alternative method for avoiding the labor certification is through approval of a National Interest Waiver. We provide examples of both types of cases.

Immigrants 1
Immigrants 2
Immigrants 3
Immigrants 4
Immigrants 5
Immigrants 6
Immigrants 7

Labor Certifications

Immigrants being sponsored by an employer will usually require a labor certification which is recognition by the US Department of Labor that the employer has undertake the necessary recruitment process to first find a qualified US worker for the position. It is a highly technical, closely monitored process. Our office regularly obtains these labor certifications for clients and we have included a variety of recent approvals.

Labor Certifications 1
Labor Certifications 2
Labor Certifications 3
Labor Certifications 4
Labor Certifications 5
Labor Certifications 6
Labor Certifications 7
Labor Certifications 8
Labor Certifications 9
Labor Certifications 10
Labor Certifications 11
Labor Certifications 12
Labor Certifications 13
Labor Certifications 14
Labor Certifications 15
Labor Certifications 16
Labor Certifications 17
Labor Certifications 18
Labor Certifications 19
Labor Certifications 20

Treaty Investor Status

Individuals from a designated treaty country can obtain permission to live and work in the US (with their families) if they invest money or other assets in buying or establishing an active business in the US. We have annexed some typical approvals.

Treaty 1
Treaty 2
Treaty 3
Treaty 4
Treaty 5
Treaty 6
Treaty 7
Treaty 8
Treaty 9
Treaty 10
Treaty 11
Treaty 12
Treaty 13
Treaty 14

Asylum and Withholding of Removal

Both Asylum and Withholding of Removal are applications to seek safe haven in the US from individuals fleeing persecution in their home country, but they are not the same. Asylum requires less proof and provides greater benefits (including future residency for the applicant and his family) but must be filed within one year of entry. Withholding is more difficult to obtain because it requires greater proof and does not provide for future permanent residency but it can be filed at any time after admission.

We have provided asylum approvals at the asylum office

Asylum 1
Asylum 2

Asylum approvals for citizens of Pakistan

Asylum 3
Asylum 4
Asylum 5
Asylum 6
Asylum 7
Asylum 8
Asylum 9
Asylum 10

Asylum Approvals for citizens of Ecuador

Ecuador 1

Asylum Approvals from citizens from Turkey

Turkey 1
Turkey 2

Asylum Approval for a citizen from Kenya

Kenya 1

Withholding Approvals for citizens from Pakistan

Pakistan 1
Pakistan 2
Pakistan 3

Withholding of Removal Approvals for an Italian citizen

Italian 1