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We can help you to perform some routine tasks that do NOT require the personal assistance (and expense) of an attorney. In many cases, you can get status reports on previously filed cases, download a form, find a USCIS approved clinic for your medical exam, make an appointment to speak with a USCIS official and perform similar tasks. Click on the appropriate button below and try it yourself. If you cannot get the answers you need, give us a call.

CHECK CASE STATUS - If you have already filed an application with the USCIS, you should be able to check your case status on line with USCIS. It will take you if your case is received, pending, approved or denied. It will also tell you if USCIS has sent correspondence to you or received correspondence from you. You should check the status periodically, especially if you have moved from your former address because mail is usually NOT forwarded. The USCIS website will ask you to type in your receipt number. You can find it in the upper left-hand corner of your receipt and it usually begins with 3 letters (EAC or CSC for example.)

INFOPASS - USCIS office require that you make an appointment in order to speak with a USCIS representative. Generally, you should first try to get information from an online representative by calling: 1 (800) 375-5283. That probably won’t help. Those people are notoriously unhelpful but at least you can document the efforts you have made. When you have tried that and failed, schedule an Infopass to speak with a real persona and maybe, just maybe you can get some real answers.

CONTACT A CONSULATE – You can get a lot of very valuable information about any U.S. consulate aboard by visiting the State Department website and clicking on the appropriate consulate. Every consulate has an email address although some respond very quickly and some will send a pro forma response and then ignore you.


Processing Times:

USCIS Approved Medical Doctors

USCIS Application Support Center

The State Department allows you to check the status of cases pending at US consulates abroad. You will need to know the applicant’s file number for immigrant cases (it begins with 3 letters corresponding to the consulate where the file is pending.) Like the USCIS Case Status link, it will not give you much information but at least you will know if the case is pending, adjudicated or not yet at the consulate.

And if you just want to know the waiting times for a visa appointment, you can skip directly to this site: